Silver Mother and 3 Children Necklace

SKU: R45218x3

Available in Sterling Silver with 18" chain.

Size: 24.8mm x 18.7mm

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This item comes with a gift box and card with prayer and verse from scripture. View below.

Embraced by the Heart™
In each one of us are two hugs inside, one waiting to give and one waiting to receive. This jewelry piece is dedicated to those who believe that being embraced by a mother's love softens the aches of the day, puts love and hope back into life, and simply put, makes life a little better. I send to you my best embrace!


I'd like to give to you
A gift to remember me.
Where there are no spoken words,
In a language you could see.

I'd wrap my arms around you,
Today and always I'd send,
An embrace to be remembered,
One that would never end.

© Deborah J. Birdoes